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Honey’s had a stressful week at work watching me freak out over my workload. She deserves a vacation. So we’re taking her to the beach.

I won’t be posting until I return. But I did manage to update my blog roll. Check out some of the blogs I read regularly.

See ya soon!

Watch our backs. We'll be back soon!

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Honey on the Rocks

‘Cuz they’re embarrassed.

I live in a small city neighborhood where I’m surrounded on all sides by houses with small ¬†yards. In one alleyway, I can touch my house and my neighbor’s at the same time. That means that we neighbors get to know each other real well, real fast.

What crazy, puppy behavior have my neighbors witnessed lately?

  • Me doing the “potty dance” for Honey when she emptied her bladder outside (or at least that’s what my friend with two toddlers learning potty training calls it).
  • My husband yelling in his best “helium voice” to entice Honey to come back in the house and stop digging up tulips.
  • Me singing “What’s New Puppy Dog” a la Tom Jones (actually I prefer k. d. lang’s version).
  • Me running behind the wheelbarrow and yelling “where’s Honey?” to practice recall.

A puppy foster mom I know says if you’re not making a fool of yourself, you’re not training your puppy.

That must make me the world’s greatest trainer.

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Over at the often hilarious Dog Foster Mom, Laurie shared the news that two kittens she was fostering had died. It got me thinking about all the sacrifices foster parents make to improve the lives of others.

It’s amazing that people take on care for unwanted people and animals even though the toll it takes on them may be high. There’s sadness when a foster goes onto a good home or when they don’t thrive in their foster home.

One of my coworkers has been a (human) foster parent for years. At close range, we can see all the problems she takes on in hopes it will give one more kid a better life.

I guess all I can say, Thank You!

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I loved the video in my Tue Cute Tuesday post so much I had to learn more about the Hungarian Mirror Method of Dog Training. Since I don’t speak Hungarian this provided a challenge.

But the dog training club promoting this method has done this nifty video with English subtitles.

It’s a great reminder of how much you can accomplish with positive training methods. And it’s a training philosophy that allows dogs to be dogs.

Way cool. I’m going to use the rest of my lunch break to have some doggy fun with my own Honey.

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Over at All Dog Blog, I found this wonderful clip.

You see, I’m taking Honey to the beach next week. And I need a vacation so bad I can taste it! This made the waiting a little less painful.

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Get that camera out of my face. Can't you see I'm trying to sleep?

Tonight, Honey starts puppy classes. And we’re driving 20 miles to get to them. Yup, this will get me called a crazy dog person fer shur.

Local classes either require your puppy to be at least six months old or use compulsion training methods I prefer to avoid.

So we’re hitting the road. I know I can teach (and have been teaching) the things that will be covered in this class. But isn’t it always fun to make work into a party?

I look forward to meeting the other pups and their people and know this will keep me working with Honey every day. It’s just too easy to get lazy (me, not Honey).

Wish us luck!

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I’m new to this blog stuff. So here’s my attempt to join a blog hop and add the code to my post. Wish me luck!

<<Update>> I can’t seem to get the blog hop link to work on my site. Perhaps it’s one of those things WordPress doesn’t allow on a hosted site?

Anyway, here’s a link to the site where I first saw the blog hop–it’s one I’ve just started reading and really enjoy: will my dog hate me.com.

Have fun!

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Well it's not a beach umbrella in Monte Carlo, but it will do.

If you get five minutes to rest in the shade, take it!

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Yup, young'un. Just keep eating your kibble and someday you may amount to something.

A lovely couple I met through work invited Honey over for a puppy socialization session play date with their 1 year old golden doodle, Tashi.

Having had two dog reactive dogs in the past, I was very concerned that Honey have plenty of opportunities to befriend other dogs. And when she showed a brief amount of timidity around bigger dogs, I leaped at the chance for a play date.

Luckily Tashi was very well socialized as a puppy. And he displayed beautiful manners and a wonderful attitude toward Honey. It’s obvious his dog moms did everything right when it came to socialization.

Tashi did it all by the book–self handicapping, chase, reversals–it was beautiful to watch. And Honey showed no sign of fear whatsoever, despite Tashi’s impressive size. There was something about his presence that was fun-loving and playful yet also serene.

If Tashi needs a career, he might be good at helping to rehabilitate fearful dogs.

But I’m glad he’s unemployed and had time to play with Honey.

Just you wait! I won't always be this little.

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When we’re out and about, people ask me my puppy’s name. I reply, “Honey,” and they nearly always reply with a smile and say “Oh, of course.” Everyone seems to think it fits.

Honey Surveying Her Realm.

Honey surveying her realm.

Before we knew which puppy from the litter would be ours, we brainstormed names: “Sugar”, “Lyric”, “Muffin”, along with 20 others. I became quite attached to “Stella.”

But I vowed not to pick a name until we knew which pup was ours. When we met our beautiful golden girl, it was quickly obvious she was no “Stella.” That name was too big for her; she was definitely a “Honey.”

Our previous dog, “Shadow”, had been named “Jackie” by her first family. We called her that for about 2 weeks. Then one day I called out to my husband, “Where’s the dog?” He pointed down to where she stood quietly, nearly touching the back of my knee and said, “We should call her Shadow.”

When we adopted our first two puppies, we were watching a lot of mystery programs on PBS. An early choice for a puppy we missed out on adopting was “Campion.” When we decided to take two litter mates, it didn’t take us long to arrive at “Agatha” and “Christie.”

What image comes to mind when you near the name, “Agatha?” Well, “Agatha” was all that: matronly, a little bossy, tweedy. And what does “Christie” make you think–a blonde cheerleader, fun loving? Oh yeah, that was “Christie.”

Flaps down. Landing gear in place. Shadow's coming in for a landing.

Does your choice of pet name affect your dog? I think so. We have associations that become expectations. Dogs are so sensitive to our moods and actions so their behavior starts to reflect what we expect of them.

Have you ever known a really sweet Dachshund named “Killer?” Or a vicious Great Pyrenees named “Sweetie?”

So be careful when you pick your dog’s name. You may get what you name.

It worked for me. After all, what would you expect “Honey” to be if not sweet?

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