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Dirty Golden Retriever Puppy

Bath? We don't need no stinkin' bath!

  1. Make sure your dog actually needs a bath. Frequent bathing can irritate a dog’s skin so ask your vet what’s best for yours.
  2. Have fun and treats in the area where you’ll be giving the bath. For example, if it’s your bathroom, use that as your new room to play tug. Or practice tricks, if that’s what your dog enjoys.
  3. Have everything ready for the bath before running any water. There’s no need to leave your dog wet and shivering in the tub while you look for dry towels.
  4. Put a sturdy mat on the tub floor to keep your dog from slipping and sliding.
  5. Allow your dog to get into the tub on his own, if it’s safe. Do this without planning to run any water so your dog can see it as a fun game.
  6. Make sure the water is not too hot or too cold for your dog.
  7. Provide a distraction to keep your dog entertained while you’re bathing her. My favorite trick is to fill the soap dish with peanut butter (see the picture below).
  8. Use soaps that aren’t too “perfume-y.” Think of what a dog thinks smells good–it’s probably not lavender and peppermint.
  9. Rinse your dog thoroughly. If you don’t have a spray attachment, use a pitcher.
  10. And the most important tip of all? Start making your dog feel comfortable with the idea of a bath long before you need to give him one–I’m talking weeks! Bath time will be much easier for your dog, and for you.

    Dog Eating Peanut Butter

    Yum! Bath time sticks to the roof of my mouth!

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